Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Well it's just an ordinary day. Office as usual is busy with stuffs and things, but its damn outright boring. I seem to be getting the feeling that I am starting to burn out from what I do at the office. It's not the work man, I love working with graphics and stuff but somehow it has gone down to being routinary and its boring me to death. I got to find something ... somewhere. Well so far, this new design is flying but i still have to do some minor adjustments to it.

Hope this one stays a longer time online compared to the previous design ... who knows, i might change it again .. hehehe ... Well my honey has just transferred to a new house with her sister. Gee, i wish i was there to help her out with things. I miss her so bad. Hope things will be alright as soon as they settle down at their new home. They are leasing it out on the triple net leasing scheme. Apparently it has a more positive impact on the property regarding taxes and cash flow. Personally I prefer rent which includes bills and all other costs.